How to get 100 marks in Physics

Physics is a very very important subject, not only for all board exams, but also for the  all competitive exams. An aspirant should regularly read and practice physics, from your school textbook . A good balance between numerical problems and definitions or theoretical problems is mandatory. The following ways would help you to score a bit small marks more-

1.Good handwriting

  1. Try to write the answers first which u know the best
  2. Don’t try to cut the answers
  3. Try to use good pens



Draw free body diagrams.

It would be worth asking your teacher what he/she wants. If you were in my class, this is what would get you the best score. (I’m assuming that you have the knowledge to solve problems, and you’re just looking for advice on formatting your solutions.)

I would want:

  1. A quick paraphrase of the problem, with a clear, concise statement about the goal of the solution.
  2. A list of the given information.

3.A labeled diagram of some kind. What kind, depends on the problem. 4. An annotated solution.

  1. A statement of the answer, with units.

This is your’s teacher ideal, and the time constraints of an exam would not allow such a detailed solution. In that case, the teacher would not want all of it, but the solution doesn’t have to be annotated. It should be clear and orderly, though. Giving me a sheet of paper with random formulas and numbers all over it gets you no points.


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