How to Crack IIT Entrance Examination



IIT is the dream of every student of science stream(Non-medical). The aspirants who want to crack it must select a target. It is the first step of your success. Then, he/she must follow time-management with particular subject. Thorough study of text-books prescribed by CBSE is mandatory. Reading each line with dedication is the guarantee of getting success in IIT entrance examination. Next, the student must practice each practical question given by the Institute. Always get motivated in the company of sincere seniors and watch out motivation videos to spark the hunger of your dream. Maintaining a diary can prove a helpful tool in attaining success. Check your progress via your diary on weekly basis. It is just like asking a question to yourself. In fact, you are competiting with yourself.


Whether you are taking coaching for 6 hours on daily basis but if you don’t self study then your coaching would all will be in vain. The role of family is very important, parents must understand the situation of their child. They should keep on motivating him/her. Besides it, parents must keep a check on the company of their children. Its your exam also so always think from the student’s point of view. Read the interviews of toppers of last IIT entrance examination and plan your strategy. Don’t follow anyone 100%.

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