Physics is an important part of science . Due to this subject, one can study chemistry, biology and all other branches of science in advance manner. In other words, it is practical application of mathematics. Every year Auto Expo shows new features of cars, it is just because of physics. Taking care of human health would be easy without the help of physics. The basic test i.e. blood pressure has come possible via the blessing of physics. Its imbalanced ratio can lead to many serious health problems. Ultrasound, X-rays are the advantages of physics. This lovely subject help an architecture to determine the entire basic structure of a building.


This subject is extremely possible for extraction of oil and many eco-friendly energy sources. It has created laptops and desktops. We are enjoying fast means of communication by this only.

This  science is largely responsible for our ability to push the limits and create the magnificent structures we see all around us today while keeping them safe to live and work in. The science of physics has helped the humans to build houses, shops and offices that can withstand hurricanes, tsunami and earthquakes. Its wonderful that a lot of families are saved from being ruined. In real, this is booming economy like providing humans energy from oil, coal, nuclear plants. We should thankful to physics for giving us Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates. This subject has mould the whole generation to think technical aspect of everything available surrounding them.

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